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SUNPRO - Salons

We provide salons with custom laminated cabinets, work stations, office areas, color mixing stations, robe closets, internet access stations, Point-of-Sale and reception areas, retail shelving, break room shelving and cabinets, shampoo rooms, and massage room cabinetry. We work closely with the general contractor on-site to ascertain the accuracy of dry wall, door entries, and placement of plumbing access to allow the general contractor to make corrections to ensure that our custom products fit exactly in the finished out spaces.

Our custom finished products are made complete with frosted glass doors, portable swap-out work stations, graphics, drawers, doors and grommets to accommodate the specific tools that that are essential for a salon. Our custom office and breakroom areas are as beautiful as they are functional. We provide extensive laminate choices that are both beautiful and durable, requiring very little maintenance.