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Directory Kiosks are used in hospitals, college campuses, churches, high-rise office and apartment buildings, shopping malls, cemeteries, corporate offices and retail locations.

    Features and Benefits
  • Directory Information kiosks provide direction and company information, with the added benefit of reducing front desk labor.
  • The optional touchscreen offers a user-friendly interface to people of all ages and reduces incidents of late appointments.
  • Information updates can be handled quickly and efficiently, offering current, reliable information to visitors.
  • Special announcements can be communicated through kiosks for increased awareness.

Suggested Kiosks

The Ruje Kiosk

Our Ruje Kiosk is a dual-sided design, perfect for allowing multiple users to request information simultaneously. A great solution anywhere large crowds of people need to request inormation.

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The Capri Kiosk

The Capri Kiosk is another of our most popular models. It is a little more contemporary in style, is portable, has a locking door, and with adjustable shelf, a slide out shelf for a keyboard and a fixed shelf to house either a receipt printer, label printer or ticket printer.

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