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Non-Profit Gift Giving Solutions


Increase gifting by the use of strategically placed kiosk. These kiosks provide user defined options to customize on-screen menus and selection criteria for the giver to choose his/her specific donation path as often as needed. The Non-Profit Gift Giving Kiosk can be designed to accept debit and/or credit cards. Optionally, bill acceptors and receipt printers are available, as well.

A merchant account is necessary for funds transfer to take place.

Reports can be customized to track funds given by specific kiosk location. Remote monitoring for managing operational readiness of the kiosk is also available.

Suggested Kiosks

The Bella Kiosk

Our Bella Kiosk makes a statement: a bold, unique, and substantial kiosk with a traditional flair, mainly designed for use as an informational and/or gifting, tithing, or ticketing kiosk.

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The Roca Kiosk

The Roca Kiosk is very similar to the Bella, in that it too has bold design, but with more of a contemporary look. It's made to be seen across large lobby areas, and is perfect for use as an informational and/or a giving, or tithing kiosk as well.

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